Should We Get a Screen Protector for iPhone?

iPhone matte screen protector

iPhone matte screen protector

This article is not about iPhone screen protector review, but rather, a mere discussion why we should get a screen protector for iPhone. As being an Apple user for many years, we must realized that, all of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, Mac Air or even Pro, they all shared similar character in term of the design, most well known by its simplicity and delicacy, and all of these are coming with a big price, so the smaller size of the gadget is, the better protection that they are going to have, which is perhaps the reason why iPhone case and iPhone screen protector are so popular in the marke. To conclude, I found out that one of the cheapest investment for your iPhone protection will be “Screen Protector”. Just make sure for the people who hasn’t know “what is a screen protector?” it is simply a adhesive transparency or film which attached on your screen for further protection regard to the the fragile iPhone glass.

What can a iPhone screen protector actually do? 

Luster Mirror iPhone 4 4s Screen Protector

Luster Mirror iPhone 4 4s Screen Protector

To answer this question, you must first know that people use screen protector not just for one purpose, the effects for applying iPhone protector film could always be multiple. In most of the case, people use screen protector to prevent scratch, dust, liquid, finger print or even broken glass, and the reason to apply that, it is just simply because the repairation fee will be too much costly, mostly it could reach like 1/4 of your cellphone price, I am sure that no one would be happy to spend a lot money for the iPhone plus the reparation fee, so a prior prevention is always a key.



What are the most popular screen protector?

The common screen protector are presenting in the following:

Privacy Screen protector for iPhone 4,4s
iPhone 4 4s matte screen protector
Crystal Clear & Invisible iPhone 4 4s Screen Protector
Transparent Full Body iPhone 4 4s Skin/Screen Protector
Luster Mirror iPhone 4 4s Screen Protector

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