Newest Portable DVD player with 12.1 inch screen 180° rotating, TV and Game function

portable DVD player with TV GAME

portable DVD player with TV GAME

Newest  PD-KSD-1389 Portable DVD player with 12.1 inch screen 180° rotating

Your home theatre

Portable Multimedia DVD Player with 12.1 Inch Widescreen. This is a fantastic, fully-featured portable DVD Player with a large 12.1 Inch TFT LCD Screen providing a crisp display, and a great feature set that effortlessly combines music, video and image functionality into a stylish unit. Compared to the original price $138.99, now you can save up to 18%!Please go on checking if you’re interested in it.

The economy recession is forcing more of us to holiday within these shores, you’ll need some entertainment for those long road trips or train journeys. The new 12.1 inch Portable DVD players provide the ideal solution, and you can enjoy your favor Hollywood films as well as TV and Game and Multi-media player during the long time travels. Also, this slim, compact unit is comfortable to hold and pleasingly light, even with a rechargeable battery attached for working up to 3hours.

With this 12.1 inch PD-KSD-1389 portable DVD player, you can see your favorite movies and listen music when you’re free. For those game lover, it’s also a perfect item to play all kinds of games, besides, it’s a digital phone frame for you, you can browse and share photo thought it. In a world, you’ll never have a boring time in a car, plane, train, cruise, or biology class again.

portable DVD player with 12.1 inch screen 180° rotating

portable DVD player with 12.1 inch screen 180° rotating


180° rotating function
Super electronic anti-shock (DVD 3 seconds,CD/VCD 10seconds,MP3 90seconds)
With TV & GAME function
Full TV systerm: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Audio-video output/input function
Built-in Dolby decober to decode Mpeg II movies
Copy music or file from each other between USB,DISC,CARD.
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
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