Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit Bring You Convenient Charging, Free Shipping!

Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit

Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit

Are you looking for a battery or charger for your travel or daily life? Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit should be the best choice. With only $49.99,you can carry this universal power battery and charger.

Seidio charging vault provides you with a new kind of convenience, functioning both as a wall charger and a portable external power source. Do you run out of battery life halfway through your busy day? Let us alleviate the worry of finding an outlet when you’re traveling – with the Charging Vault, you can enjoy the freedom to charge anywhere.

If you don’t like the idea of running out of battery life and having the inconvenience of being chained to a wall outlet. This light and portable Charging Vault is a great resolution. The BD2-PBPT22-BB is the perfect way to conveniently keep your smart phone charged and ready to go, on-the-go!


Do not hesitate to take this universal Charging Vault Kit with Free Shipping. Having this Seidio™ Charging Vault Kit with you is basically having a wall outlet in your pocket.


Andrew Lu - Marketing Manager - Shopper+ Networks Canada

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