How to choose a good paper shredder? [With 75% OFF coupon]

facebook paper shredder contest

facebook paper shredder contest

Uf, long time I have not write anything about Paper Shredder, so today I am gonna write a long review for that! Recently we have been doing so many promotions on Paper shredders, we have done several YouTube video giveaway as well as the Facebook contest, the quality for the paper shredder are great but the most important thing- these paper shredders are portable and affordable, so if you want to purchase one for the “back to school” season, so now it’s the time, in this article/review I am going to reveal the secret how to get our 75% OFF coupon code for purchasing the paper shredder, limited time and quantity guys, do not miss it!

So starting with the first MC1010S Premium 10 Sheets Micro-Cut Paper Shredder, from the user perspective, I think it’s totally awesome, WHY? Because it sort of providing me a sense of office fashion, it’s a bit heavy, but with rollers on the bottom of the surface, moving this Micro cut paper shredder has become tremendously easy, it makes your life much easier and portable. Before I go into the detail, people might ask me the simple question: “What does Micro cut means when I purchase paper shredder?” Well, it is very simple, it pretty much mean the way how the machine cut your paper, for example, you might see the words “strip cut” or “Micro-cut”, just like what the term says, strip-cut cut the paper into strips, and for micro-cut, it cut these paper into tiny pieces, for most of people, it is just the preference, but if you take the underlying assumption into account, it become really important while making decision whether I should buy a micro-cut or strip cut. These are all varied by the four categories 1) Price 2) Privacy 3)Power 4)Durability in which I will explain in the following:

The concerns of price and privacy is directional correlated, which means the higher price and the better privacy in here, most of the case you will find the micro-cut paper shredder much expensive than the strip-cut, because the cutting metal edge structure inside the device are not the same, and this is very understandable by seeing the cutting shape what they have, micro cut paper shredder has complicated cutting system than the strip cut because it has more cuts rather than just cut one time per page, and it offers better security protection because there is no way for you to restore your information back if you are having tons of tiny paper particle, however, for strip-cut there is chances for your info to be steal, so it is only recommendation you use strip cut paper shredder as personal paper disposal, but not in professional level when commercial secrets are easily to be steal by dumpster divers. Also, the better pages that they can cut, the better power and inner blade that they had, so it also means that it is going to be durable because paper shredder’s longevity are mostly depend on the blade inside, by value these factories and the fact comparing to where are you going to use, I am sure that you will be able to select the best paper shredder up to your needs.

75% off paper shredder coupon

75% off paper shredder coupon


How to get our 75% OFF paper shredder coupon?

very simple, just search us on google with our name and just submit your email there and we will give you a exclusive coupon code, one per email guys, so for the people who wants to purchase paper shredders, now is the perfect time to do so, limited quantity !

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