Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner (Random Color)

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner (Random Color)

Heat is not the only enemy of PC but so is dust and dirt, which is bad for your hardware, and bad for you. Keeping your rig and work area free of dust and dirt will go a long way. Keyboards are dust, dirt and gunk magnets, and cleaning between the keys can be a royal pain. Fortunately now here comes the Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner in Less than $10, it is a good worker to clean your dear PC.

The USB Vacuum Cleaner is designed for PC use, It is by attractive blister package. It is very compact and light, and has a coiled USB cable that extends to a little over three feet. It is made of durable plastic. The Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner has attachments just for the purpose. The flat nozzle is made of flexible rubber that can easily squeeze between the tightest spaces between keyboard keys. The brush is a nylon brush extended over three rubber tubes. It is good for cleaning monitor bezels, and any vents outside your PC that tend to have a more frequent accumulation of dust, like the intake and exhaust grills on certain tower cases, PC speaker grills and your desktop around your keyboard and monitor, and the like. The Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner has a light & motor on/off switch, which illuminates the area you are cleaning and makes cleaning a lot easier.

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner (Random Color)

Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner (Random Color)


# USB powered ,# Light & motor ON/OFF switch ,# Easy clean Dust Housing ,# Cleaning attachments: Bristle brush, Keyboard tool ,# Built in light ,# Two power settings: high or low, # Size: 10.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm, # Weight: 69gm ,# USB 2.0 or 1.1 port.

This USB Powered Vacuum Cleaner with stretch USB cable is more convenient for use,you can clean all your softwares in this easy way. Shop it now???

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