Longest but Cheapest Monoprice cable Deal in Canada

131ft 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI

131ft 24AWG CL2 Standard HDMI

Before reading this article, if you are a customer who is currently living in Canada and you are about to purchase longer monoprice hdmi cable in Canada,  we offer a solution for you to ship within Canada with cheaper shipping fee, please visit our Primecables site !

We all want it longer!! No matter if is little tiny electronic cable or a huge cable which you have rarely to see from the market, we all wish that the cable can be longer, because it will be more convenient, that is totally reasonable. Of course the HDMI cable can be real long as it could, but the thing is, how about the price? For sure that is the only thing that somehow might disappoint to the client because their high redicoulous price, thus, we 123inkcartridges are offering you something different, someone you can be handly all the time and without concern about other brand or other size, just simply support our 131ft 24 AWG HDMI cable, I bet that you will eventually LOVE it, even how less price that you have actually paid.

Our 131ft 24 AWG HDMI cable is perhaps the longest cable that you will ever seen. This standard HDMI cable from 123ink will ensure the capability by passing all the standard HDMI specification. The Built-in-equalizer on this high quality HDMI cable was used to regenerate and restore the proper TMDC and DDC signals, such technology will boost the overall HDMI signal, at the same time, it allows the signal to be transmitted in long distance. For our HDMI cable, there is no external power needed, it will be driven by its internal 5vdc signal which the HDMI cable.

P.S. Even this cable might compatible with the high speed 1080p signals, Monoprice still recommends that the use of HDMI extender will only ensure reliable transmission of high speed and 3D HDMI signal over the long distance.

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